Thank you for your interest in Bournville School Primary Provision, and a warm welcome from all the staff and children.

Bournville is a school with a proud history and tradition, where we strive to ensure success for all our learners academically, socially and morally.  We are a ‘family’ with high standards for all members of our community from Reception all the way to Year 6 and then through to Year 11 in the Secondary Provision.

We share a commitment to the following core values:

  • Ambition
  • A school with high expectations and ambition for all.
  • A school where there is dignity in hard work and effort.
  • A safe and happy school where everyone feels valued and proud.
  • We want the very best for our children and for our school to be a rich learning community at all levels.

At Bournville School we believe that education is the bedrock for a successful and fulfilling life.  We want every child to succeed in a 21st Century workplace and have the skills and competencies to do this. The curriculum underpins our ethos and creativity, innovation and mastering of the basics; reading, writing, communicating and mathematics.

As a school, we are very proud of our new primary provision and have a wonderful newly refurbished environment for our children to develop and grow.  We encourage perspective parents/carers to please come and visit us with your child to see all we have to offer.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school by emailing: Mrs A Mills

Proposed Admission arrangements for September 2022

Proposed Admissions Criteria for September 2022

Proposed Admission arrangements for September 2022