I am delighted to welcome you to our school website, through which we aim to provide you with all of the information you will require as a parent or carer, or as another member of our community. However, a website can only provide a flavour of Bournville All Through School and I would like to extend an invitation for you to come and see our school first hand.

Bournville is one of a family of schools within the Fairfax Multi Academy Trust (FMAT) and whilst we aim to preserve the distinct ethos and tradition of Bournville, we embrace the Trust’s core values of Excellence, Dedication, Ambition, Integrity and Tradition in our relentless pursuit of excellence for all.

On behalf of all the staff and children we would like to extend a very warm welcome to our school. Bournville School Primary Provision aims to give each and every child the very best start in life to enable them to go on to become confident and successful learners as they progress into our Secondary Provision.

We embrace the Trust’s core values of Excellence, Dedication, Ambition, Integrity and Tradition encouraging our children to believe in themselves and take on new challenges. Most of all, we give them an opportunity to shine.

We believe that the primary phase of education is the most important in a child’s learning journey. It is a time when we aim to nurture in all our children a lifelong love of learning.

Everyone at our school is committed to providing a caring and friendly environment, a happy place to learn because happy children make engaged learners who will become equipped with the skills to achieve their very best.  We place emphasis on acquiring excellent literacy and numeracy skills and support children to think for themselves and to become independent learners.

We are proud of our children’s enthusiasm for learning and encourage their pride in their achievements and in the school community. Individual efforts are valued and celebrated in an atmosphere that encourages self and mutual respect.

We are keen to forge strong links between home and school. We recognise that parents have a crucial role to play in the education of their child. The success of our school is dependent upon the strength of the partnerships we build with everyone in our school community and we aim to develop strong relationships through clear and open communication.

We look forward to working with you to ensure that, in partnership, we give your child(ren) the very best possible start in life.